Giving back to the community is a crucial part of Magruder Laser Vision. Dr. Magruder feels that his purpose extends far beyond the office walls, and this mindset has led him and his team to reach others through a variety of missions.

He supports the Central Florida arts community, and the entire Magruder Laser Vision team is passionate about their love of Orlando City Soccer.


The Lions Club of Clarendon

One of the missions that Dr. Magruder is passionate about is the Lions Club of Clarendon. The Lions Club of Clarendon provides many different services to the citizens of Central Jamaica, such as donating food and clothing to the homeless, support programs for the elderly, and sight clinics to restore vision to those in need. Since 2011, Dr. Magruder and his team have generously provided their services by hosting these sight clinics. Check out the Lions Clubs Internationalwebsite for more information on this awesome organization.



Magruder Laser Vision has always supported the Central Florida arts community. They regularly host public art exhibits at their office. Their series “Through the Eyes of…” highlights local artists, showcases their work, and tells their stories. The most recent exhibits illustrated the works of Lillian Verkins, Irina Ashcraft, Ronda Richley and Jim Hobart with MacBeth Studios. You can stay up to date on new art shows by following events on the Magruder Laser Vision Facebook page.


Foundation for Foster Children

Another important cause the Magruder team supports is the Foundation for Foster Children. This foundation helps those in foster care by providing them with what they need to succeed. James Turner, a current FSU student and one of the many lives touched by the Foundation for Foster Children, had nearsightedness in both eyes. Dr. Magruder provided advanced LASIK for both eyes, allowing Turner to see clearly and live his life to the fullest. You can see what great things this foundation has done and continues to do by visiting their website.